Instant Phone Access

Get instant access to the girls - call the phonenumber for your country below and follow the instructions.

Info: There are some functions in the chat unavailable (eg, Cam2Cam, ...) to use all the chat-features, please buy coins.


You are calling from Netherlands?

1. Dial this number 0906-0400151x

The call costs 0.90 EUR/min

2. When asked enter the following code:

3. Finish the code by pressing the #-key

4. Stay in the line. The connection has to remain as long as you want to access the site.


After successful connection, you will be redirected automatically. If you're not redirected within 15 seconds, please hang up and try again.

Solltest Du am Telefon bei jeder Eingabe gesagt bekommen, dass ein Fehler aufgetreten ist, dann lege bitte auf und klicke hier, um neue Codes zu generieren und versuche es dann noch einmal:


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